Home Ownership

Western Management makes investing in a home in one of our communities easy and affordable. We have partnered with TRIAD Financial who offers loan packages with attractive terms. Additionally, we also give you the option of renting your home first and accumulating a bonus that can be applied to the down payment.

Why Buy?

Owning your own home has many advantages:

  • A home is a valuable asset that can appreciate over time.
  • If you take out a mortgage, you can lock in your monthly payments and also build equity.
  • You have the freedom to make changes to your property.
  • The U.S. tax code allows you to deduct your mortgage interest from your gross income, which results in lower taxable income. (Check with your tax accountant first)
  • You can experience the pride and sense of stability that comes with being a homeowner.

Mortgage Program

Before applying for a loan with TRIAD you will need to be approved to live in our community. Once approved, we will provide you with the loan application. During this process, our team and TRIAD's team will be able to assist you during the loan process.

Our Rent-To-Own Program

This program enables potential buyers to experience living in a home and the community before investing in it. Once you decide to invest in your home and are approved, you will receive a bonus equaling 5% of the rental charges paid and can apply this bonus toward your down payment. Nearly all rental homes in Western Management communities are available for purchase.

Here's how it works:

  • You apply and are approved to rent a home. All of our home leases are for one year term.
  • You may purchase the home you are renting at any time. To be approved for purchase, you must have paid all of your rent, utility, and other charges on time and adhered to the community rules and regulations.
  • If you are approved by TRIAD Financial and invest in the home, you receive a bonus based on 5% of the total amount of rent you have paid on this rental home. The bonus will be credited toward your down payment.

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